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What we do

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Foreclosure Avoidance

One of the best ways to prevent a foreclosure is to sell your house to a home investor. This helps pay off a mortgage fast. Though handling your mortgage this way still means losing the home, your credit isn’t as impacted, and you may even walk away with money to start over again.

Modern Bathroom

Residential/Commercial Rehabilitation

We purchase properties, invest time and effort to give them a second life for personal or business use with the intention of reselling the them. This process is also commonly known as  Flipping.

House Viewing

Rental Property Managment

We own and manage a portfolio of rental properties which includes single family, multifamily and condos. Our team is actively looking to grow our portfolio.

Image by Brett Jordan

New Construction/Development

Have a lot you’ve just purchased or one you’ve owned for awhile? We build custom dream homes on your lot! Work with our design team to develop plans to your specifications.

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